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Procrastinating with Pianos: how to up-cycle your love when they no longer sing!

If you follow me on my Facebook page Rachel Merton Composer, you might have seen a post about reusing pianos in fun ways. The search started when talking to a family member about an old piano that belong to someone no longer with us. They didn't have the heart to just throw it in the tip, even though it had all sorts of critters living in it at one stage.

Sometimes objects, pieces of furniture included, can take on sentimental value. Although they're just objects, they become symbolic of all the memories that they featured in. Like a prop from your favourite TV series or movie. Memorabilia you would go out of your way to have, because it makes that emotional connection with you.

But what if it is a huge object, like an upright piano, and you still want to see it but want to give it a new function?

Well I started looking and found a few images on Pinterest to give you a head start. From water feature, to computer desk, check out these creative ways piano owners repurposed, and preserved their memories with their pianos.

Check out my Pinterest Board here: Up-cycled Pianos

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