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New generations' embrace classical music with video games.

Three of the top 20 from UK Classic FM's Hall of Fame poll are soundtracks to video games reports the

It's no surprise that video game soundtracks were voted in on a recent poll on Classic FM in the UK. With many games featuring rich orchestral scores and memorable piano melodies, younger generations are tagging it into the classical box since it won’t fit the pop or rock category.

Maybe it's a sign that the term classical is much broader than its historical time period. It seems to refer more to an instrumental music genre, but rolls off the tongue with ease. As soon as you say classical music the majority respond, 'Ah yes, music without words, strings, piano, Mozart'.

But with the latest generations participating in online gaming more than ever, it's no surprise that a 6 hour session would expose them to the orchestral soundtrack driving their characters journey to success. It may lead to searching out more, it might lead to finding out the game composer’s inspiration, which could very well be Mozart or Beethoven.

The general population flock to orchestral features of game music, and film and TV music often selling out the first day. I do believe the genres have merged and audiences are enjoying the similarities to the traditional classical. Schools, ensembles, community groups love a good tune. The music from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean and even Dr Who have all featured on major organisations concert programs.

It's interesting to read and see how it all evolves. I have to embrace it, I love a good movie theme as much as I love Stravinsky. They create different experiences for me but I can still enjoy each one.

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