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Journey: Travelling with the soul.

Journey: Travelling with the soul. (UPDATE: Soundcloud links now added)

There is one thing that I can always draw inspiration from and that is mythology. The drama, symbolism and historical places take the imagination on wonderful journeys’. Across the globe there is mythology, something that makes us look at ourselves linking in to our psychology.

Journey is a chamber work in three movements, drawn upon the inspirations of Babylonian mythology. It can be paralleled to many others such as Greek and Roman, but tries to capture the travelling to the underworld, to find that which we seek.

Composed for piano, two violins, cello, and drums it is based on a 7/8 time signature with 2,2,3 grouping. The rhythmic pulse caught my attention after viewing some Battlestar Galactica, a Sci-fi show also inspired by mythologies. Inspiration is everywhere....

About Journey

1. Lions Dance: A rhythmic pulsating movement creating a shamanic like dance preparing the listener for the adventure ahead.

Soundcloud: Lions Dance

2. The Veil: The underworld experience, wading through mystery and reflection.

Soundcloud: The Veil

3. Revelation: The return to the living, with familiar motives from movement one representing how sometimes what we seek we already had...

Soundcloud: Revelation

Ekstasis Ensemble is performing the work on the video below. Ekstasis Ensemble is a project where I searched and auditioned lovers of music from my local community who were brave enough to workshop and try original works. We prepared this for a concert in 2014 August in Cleveland, Redland City.

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