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2023 Update & Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

It's been a long time since I posted an update and now that I am a mum to two beautiful children under six life has been busy!

Piano lessons are no longer at my home studio after we said farewell, sold and moved on. All lessons are now mobile where I travel to students homes within the Redland Coast area.

Bookings for Adult Beginners Piano Lessons are OPEN! These lessons run Monday to Thursday between 9:30am and 2pm. If you always wanted to play but never had the opportunity, or if you used to play when young and now want to dust off the keys, these lessons are perfect for you. Please email me for more details.

After school lessons are FULLY BOOKED. I will no longer be accepting any new students for after 3pm lessons. Due to having school aged children myself, my times have been reduced to meet the needs of my own family extra curricular activities.

Upcoming performances:

Folly the Ady Ensemble on facebook or Instagram for all the latest updates.


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