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Game of Thrones music still captivating classical audiences.

The hit HBO series, Game of Thrones has been covered by thousands across the globe. All it takes is one YouTube search to find many of them.

Not every TV show or movie can captivate the audience and make them love the score as well. Most famous of having this ability would be movie scores by John Williams like Harry Potter, or many of the catchy tunes by Hans Zimmer ( think The Gladiator).

But it seems Ramin Djawadi hit the ball with the right combination of rhythm, tone, and an anthem like feel for his theme tune of Game of Thrones.

Most recent in the news was a review on the Guardian about the One World Symphony's programme of music inspired by the HBO show. You can read the full article here:

It’s catchy, and it's captivating, and I am sure it has led to many more opportunities for Djawadi. So I have to admit, I couldn't resist. I too created an arrangement of Game of Thrones for my community music group Ekstasis Ensemble.

Check out the YouTube clip below.

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