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Piccolo Victory, Images of Colonial Australia by Betty Beath.

Piccolo Victory, Images of Colonial Australia.

Performed by the Brisbane Baroque Trio

Mary Mageau -harpsichord,

Adelaide Brown - piccolo and flute

Gary Williams -cello.

Harold Wilson- didgeridoo.

Composer Betty Beath has recently uploaded Piccolo Victory, Images of Colonial Australia to her

YouTube channel and is visually accompanied by artwork created by her husband David Cox. Commissioned by the Brisbane Baroque Trio, the work features didgeridoo inspired by native Australian sounds, merged with themes influenced by Australian folk music.

There is a wonderful contrast of colour with the didgeridoo and harpsichord opposing each other, then later merging in harmony much like the inspiration behind the work.

Beath describes the work on her YouTube chanel:

"In this piece I wanted to show, in a slightly ironic manner, images of the colonisation of Australia and to evoke some of our folklore. It was important to me to have the work begin and end with an Aboriginal theme, using didgeridu and clap-sticks as well as the Trio, to indicate the wonderful resilience of the Aboriginal race."

And you can find out more about Betty Beath and David Cox here:

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